Harper's Magazine poster by J and W Beggarstaff, Beggarstaff Brothers
Fig. 14A, Harper’s Magazine poster.


HARPER’S | is the largest | and most popular | MAGAZINE. | yet owing to its | enormous sale | and in spite of | the great expense | of production, | the price is | STILL | ONE SHILLING

14A [Poster for Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, 1895]

Three-color lithograph: buff, red and black. Denham: Beggarstaff Brothers, published 1895. Signed lower left: Beggarstaffs. 86" w. x 79" h. (72.7cm w. x 96.5cm h.)

“What will the average man in the street say when he sees the great poster designed by ‘The Beggarstaff Brothers’ (Messrs. Pryde & Simpson[sic]) to advertise Harper's Magazine? It would be charming to hear his frank criticism. Nothing so strong and so amazingly defiant of accepted convention has yet invaded the hoarding. It is a tour de force; the great beefeater, in solid scarlet on a scarlet background, with his brown spear, balanced by a huge white panel, most admirably lettered, is a triumph of decorative arrangement. It is only fair that such a plucky attempt should receive lavish appreciation. In simplifying drawing and pattern to the last degree, Messrs. Beggarstaff have struck a new note, which might be fitly echoed in mural decoration of more permanent sort. It is English, it is modern, and it is good — very good.” in “Art Notes,” The Art Journal, (1895):351.

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Prints, Drawings and Paintings Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum, London (E.33-1951).