Black and White | Gallery | Louis Meyer

23A [Poster for Louis Meyer Gallery, c1899] Facsimile of a signboard designed in 1897/8, advertising Louis Meyer’s print shop at 37 Old Bond Street, London, UK. Two-color collotype on cream paper: warm grey and black. Denham: Beggarstaff Brothers, published c1899. Signed upper right: Beggarstaffs. 26" w. x 19" h. (66cm w. x 48cm h.)

In addition to creating posters, the Beggarstaffs also designed street signs for merchants. “In 1897 or 1898 the Beggarstaffs painted an attractive sign board for the Black and White Gallery, a [print] shop in Piccadilly founded by Louis Meyer in the Summer of 1897 ... the Beggarstaff’s original sign for the establishment no longer exists, but a collotype facsimile was made at a relatively early date, presumably at the instigation of the proprietor.”

Ref: Hiatt-2 p. 262, Campbell 57, VAM.

In Collections Victoria & Albert Museum in the Department of Design, Prints & Drawing.