Maitres de l’Affiche Hamlet poster reproduction by J and W Beggarstaff, Beggarstaff Brothers

Catalogue Raisonné


1A.1 [f.a. Hamlet poster (1A)]. Color lithographic reproduction.

Four-color lithograph: pale grey, buff, brown and black. William Nicholson and James Pryde (The Beggarstaff Brothers). Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris, 1898. Signed in image lower left: J. W. Beggarstaff. Denham Uxbridge. Image: ?" w. x ?" h. Sheet: 11 3/8 " w. x 15 3/4 " h. (29,0 cm w. x 40,0 cm h.)

“The Masters of the Poster” series were originally issued in monthly installments by Imprimerie Chaix, the lithographic studio of Jules Cheret, from 1895-1900. Small reproductions of popular posters were offered in a more manageble — and affordable — standardized format for collectors. Subscribers received four prints a month, for a subscription price of about $3.00 a year. Six of the Beggarstaff’s posters were reproduced in Maitres: Harpers (Mar 1896), Don Quixote (Mar 1897), Hamlet (Feb 1898), Rowntree’s Elect Cocoa (May 1899), A Trip to Chinatown (Sep 1899), and Kassama Corn Flour (Sep 1900).

Les maitres de l’affiche, issue 27, plate 107 (Paris: Imprimerie Chaix, Feb 1898).

References: Maitres 107, Campbell p. xxx.

Original poster design comp.
Poster, first version.
Maitres de l’Affiche reproduction.
Poster, variant.

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